Quality Whether You Want It Or Not

    A few years ago when I first played Pono music for my 24 year old daughter, she just looked at me and asked, "Why have I never heard this?" A week later she called me and said that listening to Pono had ruined her iPod collection. She said that when she heard iTunes, she could not forget what Pono did to her. And its not just Pono. Its all the High res music players and stores. They need your support to grow and bring the magic.
    Don't believe the negativity that you might find when you google Pono. We woke the beast who has a vested interest in defending large mp3 libraries. There is also a certain backlash to giving a damn about quality. But there is nothing
wrong with caring about things being good, nothing shameful about being an audiophile who loves sound and
is moved by music, and nothing wrong with loving music so much you want to hear it and feel all.
    "Quality whether you want it or not"
    That is our mantra internally here at Pono. Although technology and the age of convenience
has largely taken over the world at this point, with compressed files that are nothing but
IP compromises built and marketed to enable commerce, pure quality will always have
a place in culture and will make its way back into the mainstream, just as high
definition TV, video and movies have. In our times, there is only one art form
that has suffered at the hand of technology while the others have excelled.
It's music reproduction. That is why Pono exists; to bring all the sound of
music back to the people and preserve the art of recorded sound; so the
true living soul of music can be carried with you everywhere you
want to go.

Thanks for listening!
Neil Young
April, 2016


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