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Neil Young
Hawks & Doves
Reprise HS 2297

Little Wing
The Old Homestead*
Lost In Space
Captain Kennedy
Stayin' Power
Union Man
Comin' Apart At Every Nail
Hawks & Doves

Neil Young: guitar, piano, vocal
Greg Thomas: drums
Dennis Belfield: bass
Ben Keith: steel guitar, dobro, vocal
Rufus Thibodeaux: fiddle
Ann Hillary O'Brien: vocal

*Neil Young: vocals, guitars, harmonica
Levon Helm: drums
Tim Drummond: bass
Tom Seribner: saw

Recorded at Quadrafonic, Nashville; Village Recorders, Los Angeles; Indigo Recording Studio, Malibu; Triad Recording Studio, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Gold Star Recording Studio, Hollywood, Dec. 8, 1974-July 5, 1980
Produced by David Briggs, Tim Mulligan & Neil Young
Released on Oct. 29, 1980