Mar 29 06 redwood digital sessions started with chad cromwell on drums and rick rosas on bass. Niko Bolas, my co-producer in "the volume dealers," and L.A. Johnson producing. 5pm recording begins. Songs recorded that night are songs already written before the session started. They include at 6:34pm "after the garden" take 7, at 7:39 "living with war" take 3, and at 9:42pm "the restless consumer" take 1
Mar 30 06 sessions continue at 12noon with "shock and awe" takes 1-6 no master, and at 2:20pm "families" take 5. Both songs were written before mar 29 06 when the sessions started
Mar 31 06 at 1:07pm "flags of freedom" take 4, written that morning, is recorded. Tommy Bray arrives that day from Las Vegas with his horns and adds a trumpet to both "living with war" and "shock and awe"
Apr 1 06 sessions continue....12:15pm "let's impeach the president" take 1, written that morning, 4:06pm "lookin' for a leader" take 2, written that afternoon, and 9:02pm "roger and out" take 1, written that evening, all recorded in the same day
Apr 2 06 sessions conclude with 1:31pm "shock and awe" take 8, re-cut for a better performance. A trumpet was added to "let's impeach the president." Small single word corrections were made to "it" has an ugly side to "she" has an ugly side (lookin' for a leader)

All performances are live with the exception of the trumpet overdub on 2 songs, "living with war" and "shock and awe." However, the Saturday apr 1 06 re-cut of "shock and awe" includes a live trumpet performance. That is the cut we used
Apr 4 06 travel to LA
Apr 5 06 create arrangements for all 10 songs for 100 voice choir at capitol studios with darrell brown in LA
Apr 6 06 record 100 voices during 12 hours of union sessions at capitol recording studios LA. This is the same studio where Frank Sinatra performed and recorded many of his big hits. This is truly a day to remember. It is the most beautiful and rewarding dubbing session I have ever taken part in. Those singers are awe-inspiring. Session continues at 10:30pm "America the Beautiful" take 2. The pure soul and raw energy of 100 people singing in real time cannot be simulated with layered overdubbing. It is magic.
Apr 8-9 06 mix-down at redwood digital with Niko Bolas and second engineer John Hausman
Apr 10 06 harmonica overdub "flags of freedom"....mix down at redwood digital continues
Apr 11 06 mixdown complete
Apr 13-17 06 mastering by Tim Mulligan at redwood digital
Apr 17 06 mastering complete
Apr 18 06 playback for Reprise records in LA

Alternate takes such as the original Mar 30 06 "shock and awe" will be included in the "living with war" dvd. First acoustic performances played for the band and rough mixes without the choir will be also included in the dvd

Due to the rushed nature of the "living with war" cd, first editions contain no hidden tracks. A second edition cd with enhanced artwork and bonus tracks is being considered. The "living with war" dvd has not yet entered production

Sessions were recorded on 16 track analog tape and mixed to a 1/2 inch analog two track master, then transferred to hi resolution digital for cd and dvd manufacturing

A visual record of every "living with war" performance as well as the choir sessions, the reprise playback, and our view of the CNN interview is captured for Shakey pictures by L.A. Johnson's crew. 5 High def digital cameras are used. A full length documentary is being considered

A timeline is being developed to track the record from it's inception and follow news reports chronologically, broken down network by network. The "living with war" timeline will be available on this site soon
Apr 28 06
A coalition of radio, satellite and inter-net outlets will began playing the record free in its entirety. LA Radio giant KLOS plays the entire "Living With War" album with no interruptions.
Apr 30 06
KLOS in LA plays record in its entirety for second time.
May 2 06
"Living With War" is available as an album only on internet download

The internet will be the only source for the "living with war" bundled album in the days following May 2 and preceding the CD release to the street.
May 8 06
"Living With War" is available on the street