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On The Road With Scoop Asphalt:


Scoop Asphalt, LWW Today (7/5/06)

Well we're out here and CSNY is practicing at the gig. The band sounds like they are still learning some of the new songs. My van overheated on the way here which is not a good sign. Fuel costs will be an issue. Got to run. They're starting up again in a few minutes. Let's impeach the president is next. PEACE.


by Scoop Asphalt, road reporter (7/7/06)

Camden (across the river from Philly) 3am EST.

The last truck pulled out of the Tweeter center about 10 minutes ago and I'm on the way to Ottawa Canada. The van is running nicely with a fresh dose of coolant. Should be in sometime tomorrow am. Maybe early afternoon if the border goes good. I always have good luck at the border.

The show went well. The music was rockin' with lots of new and old protest songs and even some love songs. I'll leave the reviews for the pros and cons on the Great Debate column. Those people think they're all experts anyway. I don't believe anything unless I hear it myself. But you can trust 'em if you want to.

I wish I was burnin' bio like the tour is. Now that would be a good feelin'. When the hell is America gonna wake up and start usin'. these alternatives? Bio diesel is great but some states it's illegal to buy a new diesel car! Is that screwed up? Hello? California? For such an advanced state you sure suck for alternative fuel... Pay attention Schwarzenegger...

If I find a motel 6, I'll send this in tonite. Wi Fi rocks!


by Scoop Asphalt, road reporter (7/12/06)

Second night in Toronto, huge crowd…..the place is rockin! I was safely in my place right behind Young's amp, to the left of Rick the Bass Player's old fender amp, the band was rippin' "Rockin in the Free World" and the audience was going berserk! Young goes to the front of the stage, plays a kong solo and comes back to sing the final chorus of Free World. He sings the first line "Keep On Rockin' in the Free World" turns toward Chad (Cromwell ) and Rick (Rosas), falling to the stage on one hand, obviously about to pass out form lack of ox, when he regains a grip and gets' back to mic to sing the last line! The chorus over, the band launches into the extra terrrestrial worllld of over and under-tone tonnage! Instant mayhem! Young lunges to the edge of the stage, looking remarkably clumsly. Tonnage plus launches through the PA as the whole stage is devoured by years and years of experience with the grand tonnage muse of joy and forgiveness, where the sound lifts you from your own body into the body of the music and you finally emerge through the surface barely leaving a ripple.

Time stands still. Stills, in a time warp all his own, is ripping a King Kong solo. Cromwell is crunching and Rosas rumbles through the excess tonnage. Stills glides to the front of the stage. He's really shredding now. From my vantage point behind the amp I can just see him through the forms of Rosas and Crosby. Nash, barefoot, is totally immersed in the sound, eyes closed, spirit open. Stills is snappin strings now playin as a man possessed! With one foot on the monitor and one foot on the stage, he is right on the edge. Now the monitor falls forward, throwing Stills into the footlights and monitors on his back where he continues to hold an awesome groove, although he has stopped playing lead. Young heads back toward Cromwell and Rosas where they reach for a high edge at the peak of the excess tonnage. Plenty of ox now. The song is over, but Still's hand is bleeding and he can't come back for an encore. Instead, he is taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Rumors fly of the seriousness of the injury. Reports come in that it is not a ligament, as was originally thought. No-one really knows for sure.

French fries and fresh baked bread! What an awesome smell! The Bio-diesel is burnin' as the 18 trucks and buses jostle for position for loading and leaving. It's a 1500 mile trip to Winnipeg, next stop for CSNY. I'm going to file my report and hit the road. I feel like the van is ready for the trip.

by Scoop Asphalt, LWW road reporter (8/20/06)

Hey everybody I left the tour. I'm up here in BIO TOWN, Indiana. After smelling those 18 clean running CSNY buses and trucks in the lot every night I couldn't run my gas hog anymore. I felt like I was contributing to war and America's dilemma so I bought a diesel pick up and started runnin' BIO! It's so cool! I feel great and I'll rejoin the tour when it gets to BIO town. All the shows I saw were fantastic! Those old rockers are kickin' some serious ass out there!

    In a couple weeks the boys will roll into BIO TOWN and refuel in the wee hours of the morning and I'll be there with my new squeeze Betty Bio. She runs a Bio processing plant in New Mexico and we fell in love at first sight so I got a little distracted! Then she told me about BIO town and I had to go with her. We're going to open a place somewhere in the west and sell BIO to travelers there. Good luck to you all! See you in BIO TOWN!

    BIO Diesel is a clean renewable fuel grown in North America by farmers with families. If you have the cash, buy a diesel vehicle and get on board. As the boys say, "NO more stinkin' WAR!"

Scoop Asphalt, LWW Today (7/6/06)

The lot is full of buses and trucks today...everybody is in for the sound check. French fries and donuts can be smelled from the 15 + diesel tour bus and truck exhausts burning ozone friendly bio-diesel. The entire tour convoy is burning B-100 for anyone who is counting carbon. Bio-Diesel does not harm the Ozone layer or cause global warming. It is a renewable fuel that is farmed and processed in North America.

A big lyric change for CSNY came during rehearsal yesterday. The lyric "dividing our country into colors and still leaving black people neglected" was changed to "leaving poor people neglected". Young said that it was a more broad and truthful lyric although he was referring to African people and New Orleans people in the original lyrics of the song "Let's Impeach the President". more soon.....


by Scoop Asphalt, road reporter (7/11/06)

The van broke down out in the boonies and I was challenged to fix the thing myself. When adding more coolant didn’t work, I had to hitch-hike to a place near Kingston Ontario where a gas station was open with one person on duty. I slept there until the boss arrived in the morning and got a part from a nearby junkyard. That got me up and running in time to catch the show in Toronto. As expected, the crowd was great and the show was completed. I have no musical opinion and as usual I hung out in the parking lot until late. Since there is another show planned there was none of the movement that usually happens. The crew was very upbeat and it seems like CSNY is starting to get a good groove going. Sorry for this late report and lack of information of any consequence.


by Scoop Asphalt, LWW road reporter (7/20/06)


Positioned in my usual spot behind Young’s amp-stack, I can easily see the front rows. It is always a mixed bag. Vets alongside teenagers, families attending the concert together, well to do folks with corporate venue passes or season tickets... couples, they’re all there together, soaking up the music and message.

Last night a father and son became engaged in an impassioned discussion during the song "Let’s Impeach the President". As the band went into the "Flip Flop" section of the song, with the president flip flopping on the digital screen behind me, the father and son have an intense exchange. I can't say what they are saying because all I can hear is Young's amp! People in the crowd are standing and yelling Flip Flop, waving red white and blue CSNY "Let’s Impeach" flip flops in the air! What a scene! Three people, a family in the third or fourth row get up and leave with stern looks on their faces. It's a mother, father and daughter. The daughter looks straight ahead, walking behind her parents. Then she's looking back at the stage and makes a small Peace sign before she follows her parents out of the concert. This and similar scenes play out every night on this tour. Reports from the house crew say that out of the sold out house at Red Rocks that night perhaps 10 people leave during that song... The old boys continue on with "For What it’s Worth, Chicago , OHIO, Who are the Men? and Keep on Rockin' in the Free World.! Too bad that girl missed it... After I replace the tires, one more show here and then on to Reno!


by Scoop Asphalt, LWW road reporter (7/23/06)

Cruisin' down the mountain on a two lane headin' for Fresno. The show was done at about 11:30 in Tahoe. Good crowd...people were pretty high. Saturday night in resort town. People are up from SF to avoid the heat. Too much alcohol or not enough alcohol. That is the question.

    Anyway, I'm in the van and I hit 99 south. The temperature rises to 90 degrees outside. That's OK but it's 3 in the morning and the van starts to overheat. Turn off the AC. Temp goes down.

    Startin' to think about Bush. What a fool! Backs us out of the Kyoto agreement because it's not good for our economy. Screw the rest of the world! Now the planet is heating up and the truth is out. Gore is right! Bush is dead wrong. Hello W! There is global warming after all. We look like a piece of dung on the world stage. Talk to the repub diehards though and they'll tell you it's just cyclic. Nothing permanent. Nothing to worry about. Yeah right. GM Is a great company on the cutting edge too! Whatever happened to American ingenuity? Where are the American Hybrids? Where is the Ethanol to power flex fuel cars?

    Why did we elect a fool who had never been out of the USA to be the leader of the Free world?

    I am proud to be a member of the new silent majority. But it's time for us to make some noise and celebrate the fact that we are individuals with a right to express ourselves in the face of (insert word here).

    Two tour buses pass me and I honk and wave. They're runnin on bio-diesel and makin' great time while they preserve the environment. What a concept! The whole CSNY tour is powered by bio-diesel. Even the gigs where generators supply power! It's all Bio! Four more buses glide by. I'm suffocating in the van. 4 am and 91 degrees.

    Last night the Bio was delivered to the gig by a bunch of small trucks with plastic tanks. The turbo was out on their big tanker and it couldn't make the grade to TAHOE. So here's all these pick-ups…must have been a dozen in all...guys with their sons helpin' fuel the vehicles. Farmers. Grass roots people. The real deal. No corporate BS. That comes next when Bio fuels really catch on. That will be very soon folks. We got to change the way we live……and fast.

    Arrive in Fresno. 92 in the parking lot. 5 AM. Tomorrow 112 degrees. No problem. Right W?