News from the Road

Rally for the National Farmers Union supporting the Farm Bill.
Washington DC
September 9, 2013


Thank you very much and thank you members of the Farmers Union for being here today to support this great quest that we are on.

I want to bring you some news from the road, 'cause that's where I live most of the time.

You know, I don't have all the facts, not the same facts that everyone else has about these bills and everything, but I do know that I really stand behind getting this passed, we need to get it organized and I agree with what they said.

But what I'm going to tell you about is my trip across America in the last 2 weeks because this involves all of you, it involves all of us and it involves the whole world.

My trip started two and half weeks ago, and I was in my car, an old 1959 Lincoln that we had worked on and made into a bioelectric vehicle and it is an unbelievable car, great to ride in and it's fast and its' clean.

It burns cellulosic ethanol and it has electricity, obviously you can plug it in but when we run out of electricity the generator comes on and the American farmers and the Canadian farmers and the crops that you grow make this car go.

We didn't use any petroleum all the way across here and we got here in 2 weeks, with a stop at Fort McMurray Alberta. Now that's a long way, I still feel it.

We went through all the states that we had to go through to get there and pretty soon we were in the mid-west, we were meeting farmers, we were stopping at gas stations, we were talking to people. Sometimes we had a little trouble with the car, an electric window, maybe a fuel pump, something like that we had to get fixed. We met people. We had a muffler problem, a catalytic converter thing.

We stopped in these little towns across America and got our car fixed.

We met some great people, we met a lot of farmers. And I've met a lot of farmers in my life and I stand behind what your all doing as well as I can and stand beside you.

I don't think its help you need, I just think you need people standing up for you.

So, my car made it all the way here running on ethanol (and electricity) and the renewable fuel standard is probably the most important thing I've seen that needs to be done here. We need to get more than 10 percent ethanol (in the gasoline mix).

Let me make a point here.
There is a lot of disinformation about ethanol. Ok?
Some people are saying that cars don't run on ethanol, that it doesn't run right, that ethanol has a problem or something. We know that is all coming from the competition. (Big Oil Lobbyists) We know that it's all disinformation that's just not true.

For example, my car runs on a 4 cylinder Atkins motor made by Ford Motors at the Ford motor plant. My car was made to run on pure ethanol, E85 down to E70.

But at my request, I said, "Don't make it run well on gasoline. I don't want to use it. We don't need it."

Those who tell you we need fossil fuels to run your car and to get to work and back and to run the delivery vans around town and the small light duty pick up trucks; those people are all wrong. We don't need fossil fuels for that. We have a (transportation) model that works and we have ways of making it accessible for every American over the next 5 years, so that everybody can afford this.

We don't need this fuel. (gasoline)


35 miles is what the average American drives in a day.

The average electric car creates 35 to 40 miles of traveling for under 5 cents a mile. (from an overnight charge)

It uses all kinds of energy to run because electricity comes from everywhere. (solar, wind, natural gas, geo thermal, nuclear, coal)

It comes from coal.
Even coal is cleaner than gasoline when it comes to running a car. (less CO2 per mile)

The energy that I use with my car if I have to plug into a state that has coal (the regional Power plant generating electricity) running it is still cleaner than gasoline.
Electricity is great but then you run of electricity. What do you do?
You have to power it (the car) somehow.

So, there is just this fringe (of) people in America that drive more than 35 miles a day. Most people (drive) that or less or maybe a little more, but there aren't that many that drive really a lot more (than 35 miles a day) and that's where it comes in that Bio-fuels are the way to go.....

Even though Big Oil will tell you that there aren't enough bio-fuels and (try to perpetrate) the disinformation about bio-fuel availability and what it would do to the land and the food supply (and this disinformation) keeps coming in droves.....

It's not true.
The fact is there is enough; enough bio-fuel we could make in this country that would power all of those cars with generators running on bio-fuel like mine, all the cars that need to go farther than 35 miles in a day, so that's not that many cars really, cause it's not the average.

(average distance driven per day in America is 35 miles/176million gallons of gasoline used on average per day/19.5 LBS of CO2per gallon)

When you look at it that way, the power of America (Electric Power from the grid), powering these cars so they can get to work and back every day with the workers in them, is really a great way to go.
When you need more power you use (American) bio-fuel and it makes it happen.
That's what I proved (driving across America on bio-fuels that generated electricity when I could not plug in)

We just drove here many-many miles, thousands of miles, and half way here we went up thru South Dakota, we went through farm country, through Montana, through the mountains and then into the great plains of Montana and across the (Canadian) border into Alberta and when we got to Alberta we headed north and we kept going north and north for a long time until we got to Fort McMurray Alberta, where all of the oil comes from, (50 destructive giant tar sands operations in the area around Fort McMurray, not in the town itself) much of the oil that we are using here (in the USA).....

(CORRECTION: the oil from Alberta's tar sands, which is the dirtiest oil in the world by measured CO2 emissions for extraction, is mostly for the world market, not the US market, and the oil that would go through the Keystone Pipeline if it is approved would be mostly for the World market, not America, not American security)

...which they (Oil Companies occupying Canada and the Canadian Government itself) call (it) Ethical Oil because it's not from Saudi Arabia, or some other country that may be at war with the United States.
(Strangely, Ethical oil from Alberta is the dirtiest oil on the planet in CO2)

The fact is Fort McMurray (referring to the name most people call the Alberta Tar Sands projects) looks like Hiroshima. Fort McMurray is a wasteland. The Indians up there and the native peoples are dying.
The fuel's all over, the fumes everywhere.
You can smell it when you get to town.
The closest place to Fort McMurray that is doing the tar sands work is 25 or 30 miles out of town and you can taste it when you get to Fort McMurray.

People are sick. People are dying of cancer because of this.

All the First Nations People up there are threatened by this.
Their food supply is wasted.
Their treaties are no good.
They have the right to live on the land like they always did but there's no land left that they can live on (in the way they have for centuries, as agreed to and provided in the Canadian Treaties)
All the animals are dying. (First Nations People's basic food source)
This is truly a disaster.
And America is supporting this.
It's very unfortunate that this is where we get the majority of our (USA) fuel from.

On the other hand if you look at ethanol and ethanol production in the United states
And if ethanol was (viewed) like a different country and if all the ethanol came from a different country, that we make here, we (USA) would be the number 2 supplier of energy, of fuel to the United States of America; the ethanol industry, as it is right now.

It's a very good fuel, a very clean fuel and it's getting better because it can get better.

Cellulosic ethanol is really the future
The second-generation bio-fuels are the future of transportation
Fuel from the waste of making other fuel
Fuel from the waste of food
Fuel from the fodder that is lying in the fields unused; you can leave some of it so we replenish the land, but a lot of that (fodder) can go back into making more fuel.

There is such a great future there.

On the other hand you have the disinformation about ethanol and the CO2 that is counted against it and if you count the CO2 against ethanol and you do that... looking at where does this information come from?
Who are these people who are telling us how dirty and how ethanol is not green?
I think it's the oil companies.
The only thing about their product (gasoline) that is green is the money that goes into campaigns that pays for our representatives (to get elected). They (CORRECTION: We) have to hold these people to task. They are our people; they are our representatives.
Please don't let them forget whom they work for.

This is very important. We can't have a corporate country where corporations make all the decisions about what you hear about on television.
All of these things,
Now of course I don't have to live by the same rules as my friends over here
So I can meander around from thing to thing with no responsibility
I don't have to go to the office the next day and take the flak but I'm ready to take the flak.
Nobody paid me to come here. I'm here because I really see this. This is a disaster. We have a very very big problem.
The CO2 is going to get to be a huge issue in the next few years
You have to look forward.
Ethanol and other bio-fuels and cellulosic ethanol and bio-diesel are the answer to this problem.
They will provide what we need.

But we also have to be careful how we grow it
We have to be careful
We have to be as sustainable as we can be
And be regenerative and let the land breathe and let the land bring back the hummus that is half of the CO2 that causes global warming comes from the earth not from cars.
So even though we are the answer we got to be careful that we don't become the problem by using too many chemicals and too many things to get too high a yield too fast.
Using sound principles that have been proven for centuries is really a good idea.

It's better to go slower.
Just like it is better to drive 55 than it is to drive 75
Cause anybody who knows about fuel and efficiency will remind you that driving 75 mph uses twice as much fuel as 55

So if you are really in a hurry, put your foot in it.
But if you are not, check out how beautiful this country is. Ok?
Just slow down and save fuel.These are things people don't know. They don't know every car-not just my huge gargantuan car that weighs 6 1/2 tons, (CORRECTION 6.3 thousand LBS) but every car has this same physical limitation.
55 to 72mph or 73mph (uses) twice as much energy; cut the energy you use in half by slowing down. It's really basic.

And then back to ethanol for me cause I love ethanol and I love what it smells like and I like the way it makes my car go. Everything about it is great. It's clean, it cleans the inside (engine) of my car out.
It's a beautiful fuel.

Freedom Of Choice

But we don't have freedom of choice.
This is a basic American thing along the Federal Interstate System.
There is a monopoly in existence right there alongside the road.
Every time you get off the road you enter a monopoly zone. It's called Big Oil.
There is no reason why every fuel-stop that has more than 4 fuel pumps
Cannot have an E85 pump.
There is just no reason for it.
It gives Americans freedom to choose the fuel they use.
So they can decide how much CO2 they want to put in the atmosphere.
(Every gallon of gasoline puts 19.5 LBS CO2 into the atmosphere. Ethanol Has up to a 59% reduction in CO2 compared to gasoline.)

Climate Change

And the other thing the farmers said to me is:
You know things really are changing
The climate is changing
We can't get the same yield
Or we get to much rain
We get a drought
We get this....
It's climate chaos


This is a direct result of CO2, unless you don't believe me and 99% of scientists.
It's the truth.
These things are happening because there is science behind them (that proves it)
It's real.
So we have a chance to change that.
So that's what it's really about.
That what I really feel the strongest about.
That's what ethanol can (help) do.
That's what ethanol and electricity and (the) bioelectric transportation model could do, replacing fossil fuels in America.
There is a way out and we are it.

Thank you for listening to this... News From The Road