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Cleaning Up and Showing What Clean Is

Like so many well intentioned theories reclamation of the Tar Sands land has to be proven – not merely postulated. To date there is only one “successful” recognized (by the Alberta Government) reclamation project on the books. There are massive scars in the heart of Dene land. 40 years of scraping away the top layers of Mother Earth to expose the tar has created an enormous clean up problem. Big Oil please show us what you mean by clean and accept the fact that achieving your stated goals of restoring the ancestral lands might cost more than the miniscule amount you are assigning to the task. You take in enormous profits and need to allocate more of those funds to the task of healing the damage you have inflicted on Mother Earth.

Respectful Meetings With First Nations

For over 400 years First Nation peoples have been treated with incredible disrespect. Negotiation tactics designed to exploit their ancestral lands have changed very little since Dutch colonizers offered $24.00 worth of blankets for the island of Manhattan. Big Oil companies operating in the tar sands still offer “trinkets and beads” for multi-billion dollar projects. The Chiefs who stand opposed to corporate goals are offered big payoffs to get out of the way. Some succumb to that temptation. These are shameful tactics. The time to honour and respect First Nations is long overdue. They have wisdom and knowledge that dwarfs the money first reasoning that permeates Big Oil/Big Pipeline boardrooms. First Nations people welcomed the Europeans in the beginning. Fed and sheltered them - taught them how to survive in this new land. It's time to recognize and respect that.

Sustainable Practices

Big Oil and Big Pipleline talk about this all the time. But talk is easy and cheap and fruitless. Keep your promises. All you have to do is keep your promises.

Industry and Environmental Solutions

Big Oil could score a massive win by working toward environmental solutions with First Nations in the Tar Sands. Environmental issues and First Nation issues are one-in-the-same. Reason and finding common ground are imperative now. Everyone needs to work harder to find that ground. We cherish a vibrant economy, jobs and the land. Balance must be the first priority. If that doesn’t happen public opinion will force governments to act. That is what’s already happening in other parts of the world. Industry and the environment can co-exist. But it takes real effort.

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