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Tar Sands Expansion

The Tar Sands development is vast as it is. Why not use what's already there and prove that the methods being employed to extract the bitumen are viable and sustainable. And that you can clean up what you've already done. World demand for oil is no longer rising. Profitability is declining. We are moving to a greener future and we simply don't need rapid expansion of the Tar Sands.

Time To Stop New Tailings Ponds

With the following information from Alberta it seems expansion of the tar sands operations would be ill-conceived, but that's not stopping the Big Oil companies and the Canadian government, as they continue raping Alberta's Boreal Forests, killing everything in their way. Canada seems to have lost its conscience.

Canadian Press

EDMONTON - Alberta's energy industry has found that cleaning up tar sands tailings is much harder than it thought.

The province's energy regulator says all tar sands companies affected by tailings reduction rules missed what were supposed to be legally binding targets -- some by wide margins. All were given extra years to meet reductions that should have been done by now.

"It's tougher than they thought," Terry Abel of the Energy Resources Conservation Board said Tuesday. "It's tougher than we thought, too."

Misleading Information

Big Oil has waged a campaign of misinformation against every emerging energy source. They call bio fuels untenable, destructive and claim that ethanol will drive up food prices and damage vehicles. It simply isn't true. In Brazil more and more cars are being fueled by ethanol every day. There are more than 20 million flex fuel vehicles - most running on E-85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) or E-100 and food prices are in decline in that country. Post-80s fuel injected vehicles are able to make the transition to ethanol without engine modifications or damage. Big Oil's arguments are fear mongering and I think they should stop.

In the tar sands Big Oil claims to be a steward of the land. And the Canadian government claims to be gaining in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. You be the judge.

Big Oil spin meisters deny climate change has anything to do with human activity when they know full well that burning a gallon of gasoline puts 19.5 pounds of CO2 into our air. Counting the costs of extraction, refinement and shipping brings that number up to 28 pounds of CO2 pumped directly into the air. CO2 is the major contributor to global warming. Global Warming is taking a horrible toll.

Big Oil needs to be responsible for what it says. This isn't about waging a successful marketing campaign, it's about breathing. It's about life.

Injuring First Nation Lands

First Nations people in the Athabasca Tar Sands region have been pushed against the wall. Their ancestral land is being devastated. Their culture is being destroyed. All so that Big Oil can suck more and more and more money from mother earth.

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