Beyond the Sands

Beyond the sands lies the future of mankind. Thinking about our daily concerns can only be a small part of life compared to the greater goal of change. Renewable energy, clean as a baby's first sip, is the only way to tomorrow.

We saw it in Toronto, in Calgary and other parts of Canada and the world. Extreme weather is tied to our Climate Chaos moment, developing right in front of our eyes, now in its first blush. Let's not think
about hurt feelings as everything we have built must now change and adapt to reality.

Oil is only one of the causes, and those who prosper from it are not our enemy, they are
our early opportunity for change you can see. CO2 levels climb, surrounding
our home, a blue speck in the universe. They can either be our death knell
or our wake up call.

Join us or deny us. The choice is yours. Time is not on our side in
either case.

Become a futurist. There is a lifetime of work to do,
refocusing and prioritizing on survival through
clean and shared solutions.

Neil Young

Nashville, Tennessee
September 16, 2013


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