As the sun rises today I wonder. How hard should I try? As I spread awareness of Climate change and make that my priority, am I losing sight of day to day life? Is this more important than making music?
Why should it matter so much to me?

I know what I feel. I am always seeing ways I could improve my own behavior towards preserving Planet Earth. Today I took a ride in a cool old car but I was thinking about the pollution I was causing, not care free like I once was. Then I looked ahead and saw all the other cars. They were mostly brand new but still just like mine. They ran the same way and burned the same dirty fuel as my fifty-five year old car.
Why should I blame myself?

Anyway, there is no other fuel available at gas stations. Big Oil still has the monopoly there.
No Freedom of Choice on that decision exists anywhere near here in corporate run
America. That's odd, I thought to myself. Wasn't the president elected on
promises of a cleaner renewable energy future?
Isn't Freedom of Choice part of Liberty?

Then I thought about my family. My daughter was just married
and I may be a grandfather some day. What about those
kids? What will I be doing to make sure they have
a better world? The sun rose over the horizon
then, blinding me when I looked at it.
How hard should I try?

Neil Young
West Coast of California



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