Harper's Head Stuck in the Tar Sands

I was amazed to find that Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, my home country, has his head stuck in the tar sands of Alberta and has forgotten about his responsibilities to Canadians. Trans Canada, a company he backs, is actively pursuing the goal of crossing the United States with the Keystone Pipeline, a money maker for a chosen few that will cause incredible environmental damage. If it goes through it will be the shame of Canada, an environmental disaster that could have been stopped by responsibility and wisdom. It will not benefit America with energy or new jobs. The oil is for China and the world market, not the USA. With only 35 permanent jobs the added US employment is so small as to not even count.

In light of the United Nations concluding that Climate Change is definitely a result of
man's activities, I think it's a good idea to learn as much as I can about it.
One thing I did was visit http://www.keystonetruth.com/ to learn
about the Keystone Pipeline and its direct relationship to
Climate change. It's very informative. If you are on the
edge and might want to know more, then it's a great
place to go.

Neil Young



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