Cars and CO2 for a While

With another deadly climate disaster in the Philippines taking 10,000 lives the world is sure to be more aware of Climate Change. It's a slow awareness, creeping into daily life. The more awareness that human activity causes climate change, the more people start to wonder what they can do to help stop it.

Cars are not the only cause of CO2 rising in our planet's atmosphere and causing global warming. Cars are just one of the big contributors. We have been talking about cars and CO2 for a while now, building an electric car that drove across North America without using any gasoline and sharing how ultra low CO2 emissions
can be possible even with a big car. We demonstrated that there is a real alternative to fossil fuels
in daily personal transportation, a clear way that negates the need for gasoline. In our journey
across North America we saved the weight of our car (over 6300 LBS) in CO2 compared
to what would have been emitted if we had used gasoline. When we arrived in
Washington, I spoke to the National Farmers Union about bio-fuels and what
CO2 is doing to our planet. Recently at SEMA in Las Vegas I spoke about
the replacement of fossil fuels in daily driving with the Bio Electric

I hope we start to bring CO2 back down to earth, back in balance,
where it belongs.

Neil Young
November 12th 2013



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